Benjamin Everett

What is your favourite on-the-go snack?

Apple / cheese / salami, Chocolate, Pro Bars, jerky, custom trail mix. I will go great lengths to drink hot tea or coffee in wild places. Not much I enjoy more than chilling (warming) with a hot cup on top of a peak.

Where is your Hometown?

Currently: Lopez Island, WA.

What is your go-to vice to clear your head?


What's something on the bucket list that you haven't checked off the list yet?

Photography trek to K2 basecamp.

What does Human Powered Adventures mean to you?

Adventures driven by the Human Spirit; our highest level aspirations. Be it any type of mechanical means - wind, motor, water, muscle power etc.

What is your Primary Occupation?

Freelance; Graphic Design. Illustration, Photography.

Who Inspires You & 1 Reason Why?

I find myself most inspired when witnessing someone break through their personal expected routine of existence. Be that a grandma learning to paint at 70 or an 8 year old girl deciding she wants to do a polar plunge. It is a reminder that we are more than we know, and we can be and do whatever we put our minds to.

One thing you can't leave home without?


Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

I’m bi-polar in this response; If too hot, then cold; If too cold, then hot.

Why Westcomb?

Westcomb gear is the most technically impressive I’ve ever worn, period. Plus, being designed and produced in Vancouver I feel proud to be affiliated with them.

What is your go-to piece of Westcomb gear?

The Shift LT Hoody goes with me everywhere, from the rainy tropics to windy ridge hikes. But if pressed, the Himalaya Hoody won my heart in Alaska. There’s just something about a piece of clothing that, in certain conditions, is obviously life saving.

Thanks Benjamin!


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